Angel Slows Down Traffic

A Swiss plan to reduce traffic accidents by having an actor dressed as an angel stand by the side of the road and tell people to slow down has been so successful that it’s likely to be extended.*
Originally, the angel was a follow up to* a TV advertisement for safe driving, which shows a man being hit* by a driver in a hurry and turning into an angel.

Road Angel

“The idea is to provide* a sort of concrete protection, to have a real angel telling drivers to be responsible,” said Benoit Dumas, a police spokesman in the Swiss state of Fribourg.  “To have a physical presence like that makes the message more visible and it’s out of the ordinary.”
be extended – být rozšířen
follow up to – pokračování
be hit – být poražen
provide – poskytnout
Question for discussion:
Is this a good idea?

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