American Woman Wants To Be World’s Fattest

Working Toward Her Goal

Donna Simpson, 42, weighs 272 kilos but she is not trying to lose weight.  Not only would she like to be listed* as the world’s heaviest woman, she has set a goal of* reaching 1,000 pounds (454,5 kg)!
Miss Simpson also has a website where fans can pay to watch her eat greasy food or just walk to her car.  “The bigger your butt* is, the bigger belly* you have, the sexier you are,” she said.
Her fiance,* Philippe Gouamba, 49, agrees.  “You look at her curves* and see her full belly and generous hips,*” he said.  “It’s very sexy.”  Gouamba is the father of Simpson’s 3 year old daughter.
Simpson already claims* to be the heaviest woman ever to give birth.  The Guinness Book of World Records is reviewing* that claim.
She denies* that her extreme weight is a health problem.  “I’m very healthy.  I go to the doctor every three months,” she said.
be listed – být zapsán na seznamu
set a goal of – stanovit si za cíl
butt – zadek
belly – břicho
fiance – snoubenec
curve – křivka
hips – boky
claim – tvrdit
review – přezkoumat
deny – popřít
Question for discussion:
Is Philippe Gouamba nuts?


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