Watson’s World News no. 6/2010

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Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Finally Tie The Knot*

Indiana Jones Begins Greatest Adventure

Harrison Ford, who rocketed to fame* as Han Solo in Star Wars and became even better known as Indiana Jones, has married longtime girlfriend Calista Flockhart, who played the title character in the popular American TV series Ally McBeal.
Ford, 67, has been married twice before and has 4 children. (Two from each marriage)
This is the 1st marriage for Flockhart, 45.  She has a 10 year old son, Liam, who she adopted as an infant.  He was born January 1st, 2001.
Ford and Flockhart have been dating since they met at the Golden Globes in 2002.  She accidentally* spilled* wine on him.
Although Ford and Flockhart have been dating for 8 years they have tried to protect their privacy.  Their wedding was no exception.  No paparazzi were present and few details were made available to the public.
There was something special about it, though.  It took place at the New Mexico governor’s mansion* and governor Bill Richardson, who was a candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2008 but lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama, hosted* the event.
Ford is in New Mexico to film “Cowboys and Aliens” an adaptation of a comic book, which will be in cinemas next summer.
tie the knot – praštit do toho (vzít se)
rocket to fame – proslavit se
accidentally – nešťastnou náhodou
spill – vylít
mansion – sídlo
host – hostit
Question for discussion:
Will their marriage last?

Gaddafi Loves Italian Village

A Peaceful Place

Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi fell in love with the Italian village of Antrodoco while he was in Italy for the G8 summit.
The region had recently suffered from* earthquakes* so Gaddafi ordered* his entourage* to drive on the smaller, mountain roads to avoid* going through tunnels.  When they took a break in Antrodoco, population 2,800, Gaddafi enjoyed the villagers’ hospitality.*  “You have entered my heart and I won’t forget you,” he said.
He has reportedly* promised to convert* a historical palace into a luxury hotel and start a business bottling* the local spring* water.
suffer from – trpět na
earthquake – zemětřesení
order – přikázat
entourage – doprovod
avoid – vyvarovat se
hospitality – pohostinnost
reportedly – údajně
convert – přestavět
bottle – plnit do lahví
spring – pramenitý
Question for discussion:
Do you like Italy?

Heads Found at Airport

When employees of Southwest Airlines at the Little Rock airport in the U.S. found some plastic containers* that weren’t taped shut* very well, they opened them.
There were between 40 and 60 human heads inside!
They reported the incident to the police immediately.  The police investigation* quickly found that the shipment* was completely legal – the heads were being sent to a medical research* firm.
A spokesman for the firm said “It’s a common practice.  This is a very uncommon result.*”
container – nádoba
tape shut – uzavřený lepící páskou
investigation – vyšetřování
shipment – zásilka
research – výzkumný
result – výsledek
Question for discussion:
What would you do if you opened a box and saw a human head inside?

Animal Psychologists Save Postmen From Dogs

Dogs have been attacking postmen ever since there have been postmen.  Now, postal authorities* in Germany have found an effective way to reduce* these attacks.
They hired* animal psychiatrists – not to work with the dogs, but to train* the postmen.  Attacks were reduced by 80% in Munich, where the program was first tested.
In the program, postmen are trained to read an animals body language.  In addition*, they now carry with them both pepper spray and dog biscuits.  If they read the animals body language correctly, they know which of these to use.
“This is an excellent result,*” said Deutsche Post spokeswoman Eva Kirchesch.  “We’re very happy that fewer postmen – and fewer dogs – are being hurt.*”
authorities – úřady
reduce – snížit
hire – najmout si
train – zaškolit
in addition – navíc
result – výsledek
be hurt – být zraněn
Question for discussion:
Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

Giant Statue of Jesus Christ Struck By Lightning

Smoke on the Water...

A 20 meter statue of Jesus Christ has been struck by lightning.*  It was made of plastic foam* and fiberglass* over a steel* frame.  Everything but the frame was completely burned.
The statue was completed in 2004 and stood in front of the evangelical Solid Rock Church in southern Ohio, USA.  It was clearly visible from the freeway.
On the one hand, that brought a lot of visitors to the 4,000 member church which was founded* by former* horse trader Lawrence Bishop and his wife.  On the other hand, the statue was widely ridiculed* and earned many humorous nicknames from passing* motorists.
It  was called Touchdown Jesus, because the arms were upraised*, similar to a referee’s* signal for a touchdown* in American football, Swamp Jesus because it appeared to be rising out of the churches baptismal pool, and Big Butter Jesus because of its yellowish color.
Bishop intends* to replace the statue, using less flammable* materials.
be struck by lightning – být zasažen
foam – pěna
fiberglass – skleněné vlákno
steel – ocelový
be founded – být založen
former – bývalý
be ridiculed – být zesměšněn
passing – projíždějící
be upraised – být pozvednut
referee – rozhodčí
touchdown – goal in American football
intend – mít v úmyslu
replace – nahradit
flammable – hořlavý
Question for discussion:
Was this a sign from God?

Angel Slows Down Traffic

A Swiss plan to reduce traffic accidents by having an actor dressed as an angel stand by the side of the road and tell people to slow down has been so successful that it’s likely to be extended.*
Originally, the angel was a follow up to* a TV advertisement for safe driving, which shows a man being hit* by a driver in a hurry and turning into an angel.

Road Angel

“The idea is to provide* a sort of concrete protection, to have a real angel telling drivers to be responsible,” said Benoit Dumas, a police spokesman in the Swiss state of Fribourg.  “To have a physical presence like that makes the message more visible and it’s out of the ordinary.”
be extended – být rozšířen
follow up to – pokračování
be hit – být poražen
provide – poskytnout
Question for discussion:
Is this a good idea?